Aviation history within the timbers of this kitchen renovation

GHIFY is glad to help a member of the Australian Air Force build a piece of aviation history into his kitchen renovation.

When visitors to our customer’s kitchen sit down for a cup-of-coffee, they will admire the natural tones of the benchtops in his Ipswich home. Flying under the radar, is the origins of this timber.

recycled timber

These benchtops are made of timber rescued from hangars originally built in 1942 (during WW2) at the Amberley RAAF base for the US squadron. Over 70 years later, timbers that formerly protected air force assets from the elements are now domesticated.

GHIFY managed to acquire some of the timber after the hangars were demolished to make way for new development on base.

With a bit of GHIFY craftsmanship, the timbers have a new spark and make an attractive addition to the renovated kitchen, in a house which itself turns 100 next year.  The solid timber bench tops will be there in another 100 years.

GHIFY delivers custom jobs such as this, but there are also a range of rustic high kitchen island benches available.

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