Recycled + Sustainable Industrial Recycled High Bench Tables Handmade In Australia

recycled_table_04_2400x2400When we created the first of our High Bench Tables for our new home in 2011, little did we think that it would become the 1st of hundreds we would go on to build.

Our new home was anything but new. In fact, it was an 80 year old cottage which we had bought in the hopes of renovating and giving it a new lease on life. While there were many issues with it, we were completely charmed by the authenticity, the lovely high ceilings, darling casement windows, retro doors and the sweet cottage feel of it all. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problem was space. Unless we were prepared to tear it all down and start again from scratch, space was extremely limited.  There was no dining room, just an eat-in kitchen.

recycled_table_03_2400x2400While this might be a deterrent for some, it was actually a huge selling point for us. We spent a lot of time cooking and hanging out in our kitchen as a household. The kitchen is the heart of the home for us. We would listen to Tom Waits while preparing meals for our family while the children would bring their homework to do in the kitchen. It is a great way for the entire family to hang out together after a busy day at work or school.  The idea of a separate dining room seemed so isolating in comparison.

The challenge then was to create a dining table that would work as a dining table, desk, kitchen counter, and workbench for the family. It needed to be versatile, strong and able to put up with a lot of heavy traffic.  But most importantly, it needed to fit into our tiny kitchen.  And that was essentially how our first high bench table was born.

Table_2400_2400Made from recycled timber salvaged from old Queenslander houses, it was tall and narrow which fitted perfectly in our little eat-in kitchen. The tall table allowed us to fit at least 8 tall barstools under the table which was a great space saver when you could tuck them all in, underneath the table top. Being recycled timber, it was hardy and could sustain many hard knocks as a kitchen counter, workbench, craft table and desk. If someone spilt some nail polish remover (by accident, I promise!), you could wipe it away without any issues.

With the lockable castor wheels, we could wheel it around to push it along a wall if we needed the room or onto the deck if we were entertaining outside. It met all our needs and as things would turn out, it also met the needs of a lot of other people
The tables are available in a raw natural finish, dark walnut colour, all shabby chic finish, or the popular Recycled_table_2_2400_24002 tone raw timber and shabby chic base option. The finish can be left raw and authentic which ages beautifully or given a high polished gloss finish which is beautiful for the modern contemporary home. If you require the table to be used outdoors, the table can be constructed from recycled hardwood which is perfect for the outdoors. Other features include, drawers, shelves, foot rail, caster wheels, etc. All the tables are made to order
specially for our customers and fully customisable to any height, dimension, finish and colour.  Each table is handmade right here in our workshop in Brisbane and delivered all over Australia and overseas. If you’ve been looking for a versatile workhorse table for your home or business too, check out the range of high bench tables available from our store.

We know you’ll love it as much as we love it too!

Designed by Award Winning Furniture Master Craftsman, Will Marx, the “Once Upon A Queenslander” collection has been exhibited at The Queensland Museum and m2 Gallery in conjunction with Etsy & ReTrash.

Shop online 24/7 now at and take advantage of the free standard delivery promotion within Australia. 

~ Product Name: Eco Recycled High Bench Table
~ Collection: Once Upon A Queenslander
~ Prices start from: RRP $1600 (Incl. GST)
~ Dimensions: 165cm High x 60cm Wide x 95cm High or fully customisable
~ Material: Handmade from Recycled Solid Timber Salvaged from old Queenslander Houses

Written by Magdalene Marx, Co-Founder of GHIFY. Read more about GHIFY & , on Google+

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