How to create a new room by transforming your deck in 5 easy steps

Running out of rooms to hangout at home? Want to transform that dingy deck into an inviting space to read, drink wine and entertain friends?

Well, we’re going to share 5 quick and easy steps that anyone can take to repurpose your deck into a welcoming little nook that you will love to come home to everyday.

Create an outdoor deck in 5 easy steps

The outside deck is one area that very often gets overlooked when it comes to decorating.  It tends to become a storage area for the bbq, the bicycles, bags of potting mix etc.  Feeling a little sheepish?  Don’t 🙂  Next time you drive past a high rise apartment block, take a look and you will see that the majority of the decks contain these items and the ubiquitous drying rack with yesterday’s wash turning into a baked tortilla.  

Create an outdoor deck in 5 easy steps

While there is nothing wrong with using the deck as a functional storage facility, imagine how much more fun and inviting it would be to use it as a place you can sit in the sun to read or do your work?  Or a place to have your friends over for drinks on a Sunday afternoon?  Or to unwind after a long day at work with a glass of wine at night with the stars twinkling above you?   

Sounds tempting?  This is exactly what we are going to help you to create in 5 easy steps.

#1:  Tables & Chairs

Create an outdoor deck in 5 easy steps

Whether you use a hammock, deep armchairs, barstools, bean bags, or love seats, seating is vital into creating an inviting outdoor deck.  Your choice of seating will be dependent on the amount of space you have available and also whether your deck is completely exposed, partially sheltered or completely covered.  

Create an outdoor deck in 5 easy steps

Just like you cannot have pancakes without maple syrup, you cannot have chairs without a table.  If you haven’t got the room for a full-size table, consider smaller round cafe bistro styled tables.  Skinny high bench tables also make for a great bar setting without taking too much room.  Coffee tables, side tables or barstools (that double cleverly as additional seating!)  are also gorgeous alternatives that go a long way into creating a usable deck.

#2: Lighting  

Create an outdoor deck in 5 easy steps

Lighting is like the icing on the cake when it comes to decorating your deck.  If your deck does not have access to a weather-proof power point, solar powered or battery powered fairy lights (yes, they have those!  Look into your local hardware store for options) are a wonderful alternative.  

Create an outdoor deck in 5 easy steps

Candles in hurricane lamps, or citronella candles that double as mosquito repellant are wonderful mood setters. If your deck is particularly exposed to strong winds, battery powered candles in frosted candle holders will do the job too.

Create an outdoor deck in 5 easy steps

#3: Potted Plants  

Whether they’re used indoors or outdoors, potted plants are like the magic fairy dust of interior decorating. A sprinkle of it here and there, on a table, in hanging baskets, on a window box or arranged in a cluster in a corner, potted plants add life, cheer and colour to any area.

Create an outdoor deck in 5 easy steps

Select plants that are suitable for the amount of sunlight and rain that your deck receives.  Otherwise, your plants might get “sun burnt” from too much sun or water logged from too much water.  Plants like Mock Orange, Lavender and Lemongrass are wonderful choices because of their hardiness and low maintenance.  Best of all, these plants emit a naturally beautiful fragrant that will fill your deck with a lovely perfume all day and night.  Nature’s own naturally scented candles!

Create an outdoor deck in 5 easy steps

#4: Rugs

Rugs are often a little regarded design feature for outdoor areas as we’re worried about mildew, mould and soggy flooring.  But, do you know there are waterproofed rugs?  Most are made from recycled plastics like shopping bags that have been repurposed into straws and then woven tightly together to create waterproofed and durable rugs.  These waterproofed rugs come in a range of beautiful prints, shapes and sizes, are UV resistant, but also serve to protect the floors of your deck

Create an outdoor deck in 5 easy steps

If you don’t like the feel of plastics, there are also gorgeous outdoor rugs made from naturally woven jute and hessian that are also suitable for the outdoors.

Create an outdoor deck in 5 easy steps

#5: Cushions & Throws

There is just something about cushions and throw rugs that works wonders for dressing up any space.  The same works for your outdoor deck too.  Not only does it add a glorious splash of colour, throw rugs are great to snuggle under on cold nights and cushions… well, who doesn’t love puppy dogs and thick floofy cushions to lounge around on??  When it comes to warmth and comfort, nobody needs convincing on cushions and throw rugs.

Create an outdoor deck in 5 easy steps

So here are our easy to follow top 5 steps for transforming your deck into another functional and inviting space that you can utilise into a reading nook, an entertainment space or outdoor dining room.  We know you’ll just enjoy coming home to this little corner of the world day after day 🙂

Create an outdoor deck in 5 easy steps

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Written by Magdalene Marx, Co-Founder of GHIFY. Read more about GHIFY & , on Google+

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