For People Who Believe The Kitchen Is To The Home, What The Heart Is To The Body

Do you find yourself hanging out in your kitchen talking with friends & love ones more than you do in the living room? Do you love putting on music & having a glass of wine in your kitchen while you’re cooking because it feels like therapy? If you’re one of these people, than you’ll love what we’re about to share with you!

A peek into a London kitchen for design inspiration
Filming Bob & Lucie’s London Kitchen

Jane Field-Lewis, author & creator of the “Amazing Spaces” series has done it again with her new book, “My Cool Kitchen”.  The beautiful book features delightful kitchen interior inspiration from everyday real people who demonstrate that kitchens are about more than just cabinets and joinery.  It’s about the heart of a home and has a colourful & vibrant personality of its own when nurtured.  

Filled with loads of photos that just pop out of the page, the book is a true ode to the best room of the house.  Available from Book Depository and all good bookstores, you’ll love browsing through this beautiful book while sipping a cup of tea in your kitchen 🙂  

My Cool Kitchen by Jane Field-Lewis

Speaking of cool kitchens, make sure you check out these lovely handmade furniture we’ve recently designed and added to our online store!  Lovingly handmade from recycled solid timber that we salvaged from old Queenslander houses, these pieces are a part of our “Once Upon A Queenslander” collection.  A collection that looks to give a second lease of life to an important historical feature of Australia’s lifestyle and culture.

Handmade Solid Timber Eco Recycled Kitchen Island
Handmade Solid Timber Eco Recycled Kitchen Island

Designed by Award Winning Furniture Master Craftsman, Will Marx, each piece is lovingly handmade and custom build here in our workshop for you.  This allows us to custom every bespoke piece to any colour or finish to suit your home.  To find our more, start browsing our “Once Upon A Queenslander” collection and check out the lovely photos we have.

Written by Magdalene Marx, Co-Founder of GHIFY. Read more about GHIFY & , on Google+

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